On Sunday 4th of June 2023 the Holy Spirit spoke to me that He would give me a message to give to His children. So instead of continuing with my usual series I had to deliver the message from the Lord. The message is a warning from the Lord, calling His children to repentance so that they will not share in the reward of the Devil and his fallen angels.

Here’s the message below:

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“Tell my people that they must make choices intentionally because they are already taking sides. The one you serve and obey is your master. Those who live for the flesh and gratify the desires of the flesh cannot reap from the wealth of the Spirit.

A kingdom that is divided against itself cannot stand. When Lucifer rebelled My Kingdom was divided, hence the need for the eternal separation. Listen, tell My people that he has been separated awaiting his doomsday that his eternal judgment shall be pronounced. Those who accuse the Holy God of injustice must be left to fill up their cup of iniquities so that their judgment can be plain. The one who accused the Holy God of Heaven and Earth of injustice is the same one who runs his kingdom with the blood of the innocents. Without blood his kingdom cannot stand. The same one who led rebels in my presence is the same one that is leading the disobedient on Earth.

Tell my people that the busy cities are doomed because there’s no large city where Satan does not have his altars. Let My children be in charge of their lives. Let not the altars of the large cities control them.

Tell the people of the world that the whole world is under the power of the evil one, that he may prove wrong, if he can, of wrong or injustice, or of spots in His judgments and justice when he was expelled from his exalted position.

“’Behold him falling with stars, bringing many sons of men with him to the eternal Fire of Hell.’ His Eternal Judgment was pronounced from the moment he fell from glory, but he was given a time to fill up the cup of his iniquities. This same eternal shame shall be upon all those who take sides with him (Matthew 25:41 KJV Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels). Now tell them that since they have refused My command to come out of her they all should get their desires to their fill because where they are heading shall be too terrible for them.

Where are those who left earthly homes to live in the beautiful houses of the Devil? know that all the flashy things he has are temporal. His eternal home is the Lake of Fire. If you do not belong to him why do you love him so much that you allow his unholy spirit to live in you? Why do you so much cherish him that you obey his biddings?

Those of you who believe in Me yet are also active in the kingdom of darkness, you have erected another veil between the Holy of Holies and yourselves. This is because you have welcomed an unholy union into your life. From the time Salvation was bought on the Cross, all men have been commanded to repent and to choose their destinations.

All those who must follow me must clean themselves and must come out of their dark kingdoms, if not they shall be denied entry into My Kingdom.”