This is a message that Hosanna David got from the Lord on the 2nd of October 2022.The first thing that I saw were human beings with big bodies and very small heads.  The Holy Spirit told me that the people represent many of modern Christians. He said that the small heads I saw represent small amounts of the knowledge of God they have. He also said that the big bodies represent a body that is full of sins.

Please watch the video below for better explanation and understanding of the message:

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In another vision I saw someone who has just taken bath but was not washed clean. The person’s body looked glassy and shiny but it wasn’t clean because something that looks like water gum touched the skin and was dried on the skin. Again I saw someone that has a very hairy skin but the persons hairs were all tangled with some sticky gummy substance. The Holy Spirit said to me, “At repentance and baptism these people are supposed to be washed clean from their sins but they hid some of their sins. This is why they are not clean even after bath. Heaven is not meant for witches and wizards.  It is not a resting place for those who are tired because of their busybodies and involvement in sin.”

Then He said, as if addressing them directly, “Do not think that Heaven will vomit you because it is not going to receive you at the first place.”

“Tell My children that those who are mine must be owned by Me. Possession with witchcraft is not a case of spiritual adultery, it is the issue of ownership. It is the person that owns the spirit in you that owns the body because without the spirit the body is dead.” (1Cor. 6:17; Romans 8:9; James 2:26).

At this point the Holy Spirit asked me, “Can I speak to you?  Will you be afraid to speak My mind?” Then I said “speak to me.” Then God showed me a very popular holiness preacher (name withheld) and said, “This man has laboured for me but he won’t enter heaven because he has not renounced witchcraft. Nobody can cross from one Kingdom to another secretly without others knowing. I do not also give birth to My children in secret. At the point of accepting to follow Me, those who are involved in witchcraft and other Kingdoms activities must confess it. Confession is stepping on top of the Rock on which My power washes people clean.  If you do not step on the altar of cleansing the Blood of the Lamb will never touch your body. Tell all those who have entered through the back doors to go back and enter through the main gate.  The sheep pen is for the sheep and not for the lions and the tigers.”

Then he said to me, “Hosanna, this is the message of the Kingdom: Let all those who want to come in be free from their cults because I am the Lord,  nothing unclean belongs to My Church .

“Many say ‘Churches’ when they see buildings but I see covens everywhere with just only few churches of Mine.  The main platform where souls are being bartered for power, fame and wealth is what many called churches. This is our true assessment: no true Church of mine exchanges a soul for anything, rather they sacrifice almost anything to win a single soul.

“Tell my people that this page called world shall soon be closed. This shall be the end of all truth spoken of in My Word.” When I heard the words “end of all truth” I wondered in my heart if the truth has an end. Then He said to me, “I called it the end of all truth because it is going to be the fulfillment, people shall live in the (reality of the) truth therefore there will be no need to teach it. The fate of the Saints and the wicked shall be fully known. Tell my people that all those who go to Church and claimed to be My children yet are involved in witchcraft shall have their separate and special cells prepared for them in Hell Fire if they fail to repent. Their torment shall be different and more severe. This is because, despite their knowledge of the truth, they turn their back against Me. Some of them fought against Me. Their presence in the Church is not for good but to carry out the will of their master. I hate darkness when it claims to be light. I see it when they poison, bewitch and targets the children of My ministers. I see it when they poison and initiate the children of my ministers so that they can use them against my servants who work faithfully for Me.”

Then He said with an angry voice, “Which of them (the witches) never betrayed me? Which of them never spied out my work of salvation and hindered the truth?  They can never be guiltless. Tell this set of people that my anger is burning awaiting them. The God of love that they know shall be missing on the Judgment Day because the Judge of all mankind shall be fair enough to group the wicked with the wicked and Saints with the Saints.”

Then I was taken up in a vision. I was looking  downward from the sky and I saw an altar of a church.  I noticed two main things. I saw a drum full of fresh blood and fire set with firewood burning on the church altar.  Then I heard a voice that said, “Is this what you called a church? What is the blood of the innocent doing here? This blood is served to everybody so that all can be guilty of the same sin. What is the blood of dogs doing in the altar you called by My Name? You know that I hate dogs yet you poison the pIace you called by My Name with the blood of dogs just to provoke Me to anger. I will never forgive those who blaspheme and desecrate My holy Name, those who make mockery of the Blood of redemption. Never again will there be another Earth where wickedness shall be practiced because the God who is the Age of all Ages to Come will soon put an end to evil once and for all.  All those who blaspheme and make mockery of the Blood of Jesus Christ cannot obtain mercy on the Day of Judgment because they tread underfoot the Blood that supposed to appease the wrath of God.  All those of you pastors and prophets who blasphemed the Blood and the Name by which you were to be saved during oath taking, initiation and practices, you have shut the door of mercy against yourselves.  Tell them that those who do not value their souls are not accounted worthy of life eternal.”

Then my attention was drawn to the congregation.  There were people in the church but they were all in different small groups. They were all sitting in circles. Each of the groups was busy discussing with their members separately.  They were all sitting on the floor. I did not see any chair in the church.  Then the Holy Spirit said to me, “Is this what you call church? Look, these are people from different witchcraft covens and kingdoms. These small groups you see represent people from different kingdoms of darkness.”

Then I saw a big round bell on the altar. I was told by the Holy Spirit, “This is what unites them all.”

In another vision I saw a place that looks like a desert. There were stones there, big smooth stones. Then the Holy Spirit said to me, “These are the covenant stones of the false pastors. On each of these stones are the names of their Churches. They agree with my enemy to keep the flock as dry as the stones in they desert.”

Again he said to me, “This is the mystery of sin in many churches.  This is why sin continues to increase,  because sin has been ordained in many altars.  The righteous suffer in such gatherings. I will pay the righteous with exceeding great rewards. I will celebrate those who fear me greatly.”

Then He said to me, “Encourage the righteous to stand for My Name. I know their sufferings in the midst of the wolves in sheep clothing. This is why nothing else but Me shall be their reward. They shall partake in My very Life.”