This is a message the Lord gave me to His children about the battle that is going on in the hearts of many of His children. It is the battle of the fear of not being saved.

“I have not called those that believe and trust in Me to be judged but that they might be saved.  All those who believe in Me and obey My Word are saved.  Why do you think that the same love that caused Jesus Christ to die for mankind that they might be saved cannot preserve those who truly believe in Him?  I have come to save the lost not to judge and condemn them.  Let all those who genuinely repented, got baptized into the Church and follow My Word not serve Me with doubt and fear in their hearts.  I am a loving God who pities his children.  The Fire of Hell is too terrible for Me to leave My children to go there and perish forever.”

“Tell My children that the love that saves is able to preserve.”

Then he said to me, “I see the battle in the hearts of My children, many who have been purchased by the redemptive Blood of Jesus Christ,  I see how they doubt if they are really saved. This battle is so fierce that many of them are tempted to give up.  Tell those who believe in Me to keep believing to the end.  I don’t cast away those I have saved.  Let those who are genuinely born again put all their hope in the eternal Word of God for the redemption and the salvation of their souls.”

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