Few days ago the Holy Spirit told me to play a song in our local dialect that talks about the awful judgment of the Lord. He told me to put it in repeat mode. As I delayed, He spoke to me again that I should do it and I obeyed. Then He told me to preach about His Judgment.

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On Sunday early morning He spoke to me that I should give this message to these three groups of people: Christians who are serving God but have some areas of weaknesses, unbelievers and churchgoers, and those who believe in God yet are possessed with demonic spirits.
1. Christians who have weaknesses.
“Tell all those who are serving Me never to give up because of their weaknesses. They should be zealous for good works, repent whenever they sin and wash their robes in the Blood of the Lamb. They must not drop their cross because of their personal weaknesses. I am the Lord, I do not reject My children because they are weak, but because they refuse to be healed and be changed.
2. Unbelievers and churchgoers
“Tell all those who do not know Me and all those who go to Church but are unserious that danger is coming. They need a safe refuge to hide.” Then He said, “If you know anyone that is stronger than the Lord God Almighty go and take refuge in him because it shall be too terrible for you on that Day, but if you can’t find anyone, better reconcile with your Maker now.”
3. Possessed “Christians”
“Tell those who believe in Me but are possessed with demonic spirits not to give up on their faith in Me. Tell them to do this: They must seek Me daily with sincerity of heart; let them look for deliverance but while they seek deliverance they must stop the destruction with the evil powers. I am the Lord, I am the God of justice, I will not spare the wicked if they continue in their evils even if they continue to call on Me for mercy. Let those who resist My Spirit and suppress My work repent from such and ask God for mercy.” Then He said,” Let go of your pride and be humble enough to seek deliverance. I pity some of you because you have been deceived. Some of you give so much to support My work. Some Pastors have made you to believe that by giving towards My work you have been accepted by Me. This is a lie. Those who do not have My Spirit do not belong to Me. (Romans 8:9 “But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his.”) Giving does not give you access to the free gift of salvation but repentance. No one has ever made it into Heaven without repentance. You must let go of those spirits that occupy your body and allow Me to live in you. If you do not give Me access to your body here on Earth I will not give you access to My Kingdom.”
Thus says the Lord, These people are like Polypterus bichir bichir – (Nile Bichir) to Me. From their skin to their heart they mount up a strong resistance against Me, but if they can be humble enough to seek My face, My power will destroy the barrier between us. I will take away their iron skin and soften their stony hearts. My power is ready to deliver as many that are ready to be free.”
Message about How Near the Lord’s Coming Is
Then He said, “If My children had known how close they are to the End they would have been at their Master’s business instead of theirs, but the devil has cast the spirit of bewitchment upon many so that they will not think about the times they live in. Now tell them that the days are near. Let the wise seek and take refuge in the name of the Lord before the terrible and awful Day comes.”