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On the 1st of December 2021 at about 7:52am the Holy Spirit revealed these things to me Brother Hosanna David in a vision. He said, “The times spoken of in the Bible is now. It is a time when the wrath of God touches the Earth. It is a war of men against their fellow men. I spoke yet nobody listens but now that what I warned about is happening none can deny the pains they live in. The wind of woe that is allowed to blow across and around the world is to bring about revival and will open the great gates of pains and distress.”

“The damp substance I revealed to you in a dream is this current pandemic. Let those who understand the times get ready to fly. That Day is nearer than you ever think. I am the Lord God Almighty. I hold time and I allow what happens in each split of the hours, whether good or bad.”

“Tell my true children to intensify the work of evangelism, the pure Gospel of salvation. Tell them that this is not the time to heap wealth. I am the Lord their God, I will provide for My work.”

Then I saw some men in suites, well dressed. They seemed confused. There was a black jeep parked close to them. Then the Holy Spirit said to me, “These are the enemies of humanity. They think they are smart according to their human wisdom but they are fulfilling the Scriptures. My children should scatter their oneness in prayers. Prayers shall make them more confused. Pray that the spirit of death should visit them. Since they work out death in the lives of ignorant people, pray that they reap what they sow. I am the Lord of the whole universe.”

“Tell my Pastors that some of them have allowed themselves to be deceived, hence they lead their members astray. Tell them that a great harvest of souls is coming. A time is coming that both young and old shall seek death but shall not find it. Therefore, the rate of suicide shall be high. Now is the time for the harvest, when the Lord God Almighty shall open the gate of Heaven for those appointed for His final mercy. The gates of Hell shall be wide open too. This is why my Pastors must do their work diligently. I am counting on them to help those who seek death on their own, to help them wait till the day I will call them home. Although a day shall be like several weeks in their eyes, let them wait for the real date of departure. I am the Lord, no one that commits suicide shall see my face.”

“The darkness that is spreading now has not covered the whole Earth. It shall go deeper till the hearts of men shall faint. Then they shall know that the God who warns men to repent is capable of vengeance.”

Let me make a few things about this vision clear:

The dream of the damp substance is a prophetic warning dream about plagues and woes that would come upon the earth. I had this dream on the 10th of December 2019.

The people I saw wearing black which are globalists that are using COVID-19 as a weapon to enslave humans.

I was not told that the mass death is as a result of the COVID-19 vaccines but I believe that it is going to be caused by the vaccines either directly or indirectly through weakened immune system.

I want to sound this alarm again that people should refrain from taking these COVID-19 vaccines. Those who have taken should stop taking boosters.

This message was originally published on Eagle Eye Opener Global Outreach website. Here’s the link: